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classism still exists!! if you work retail....

alliemunkee posts to bad_service about observing how a woman who was on her cell phone was treated like crap for this sole reason.

not only is she ignored, but when she says she "just wants to pay for the milk", she is even lectured by the employees for being on the phone.

the OP expresses her outrage at this behavior by the employees.

my opinion? nightlove said it best here...there was suckage on BOTH sides.

cue most everyone else in the comments who go on ad nauseum about the evils of cell phones, many of them with valid points to them.

but things really get insane when yellosubroutine replies to melacynthe by stating that "class systems still exist". basically implying that if you work retail, that automatically makes you a second-class citizen.

the stupid, it burns....

[ETA: fixed html screwups. i thought something was missing. oy me!]
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