Everybody make your genetics your bitch (macabre) wrote in stupid_free,
Everybody make your genetics your bitch

I have another one. thequestionclub is full of gold lately.

Last night wtfyoubitch posts asking how to give her ex boyfriend lice.


hi, i'm back, still have lice.
besides the point that i'm going to end up shaving my head, i need an answer for this question asap.

so my ex boyfriend is the douchebag who gave it to me in the first place, and other than the fact that he was CHEATING on me, and lied to my face when we broke up, he is in general a womanizing asshole.

so my question is:
how do i infect the asshole with LOUSE?

i think he pretty much deserves to go through the continuous living hell that i am.
i am pretty sure he got rid of it so i want it to return.

i have his coat, his hat, and his shirt, if there's something i can do with those that doesn't reinfect myself if it does finally exit my head.

this is pretty important to me, i seek revenge in the worst way.
so please answer asap, i'll take any answers. :]

thanks, tqc!

if you're up this late/early, what're you doing?

i don't care if you think i'm immature, or should get over it.
i just want to know what people with REAL answers have to say.
i want revenge regardless, and i know there are ladies out there who feel me on that. so if you're available, please give me a real answer.
i think he deserves revenge, how would you feel if a guy hit you?

and pss;
you're the disgusting one :]

People comment, telling her she shouldn't do it. She gets offended, and starts screening comments.
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