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Why can't these people learn to speak english?

On domestic_snark, a woman's post is mocked mostly for content, as to lack of knowledge about software despite extensive interests listed in the subject.  She also happens to be deaf and as such, does not write in perfect English (most deaf people are not taught English as their first language, if at all), although I'd argue that she gives it a pretty decent try.  

Not good enough!

lillyleia believes that she is entitled to a post in perfect english, because anyone who can understand english phraseology should be able to mimic it perfectly.  
She also does so making the classic "your/you're," "its/it's" and "to/too" mistakes.  But she shouldn't be held accountable!  But this poster should!  She's simply "lazy"!


At least there's nowhere for the OP to be told to "go back to". 

Edited to add in an extra grammar error, thanks for the catch, someone.
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