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Poongate 2006

Normally, I skim quickly through a lot of the communities that I'm in, especially if there are a lot of members. I'm more inclined to pay attention to a post that gets a large amount of comments; imagine my surprise when I'm looking through bad_sex, where the comments usually don't top 50, and here'sthis thread with over 200 comments. Sweet.

Apparently, hereiwontlie hates a hairy vag. And although he begins his post with a disclaimer that this is, in fact, only his opinion, of course the hairy beasts with Chia pets between their legs get insanely offended. omgimnaked is apparently a supporter of the natural look and, foregoing all notions that one is entitled to their opinion, simply states:

Very well. I won't argue with you, I will simply state that you are a douchebag. Good day.

An argument then ensues between heriwontlie and omgimnaked about what the term "opinion" actually means, and whether or not one's opinions can be wrong. manmademonster chimes in with these words of wisdom:

I never said I was offended. But you have to understand that your opinion is offensive to alot of people who don't find it necessary to modify their body. Or even those who find it disgusting to take a sharp blade to that area.

Also, if everyone just said 'eh' to opinions, the world would be a very scary place. There are many opinions out there that can be dangerous, so don't go talking about how an opinion is always right. Opinions can be wrong and they have started wars.

Right, so we are granted the right to free speech (at least, most Western societies - let me know if I'm wrong), until one single insignificant person's feelings are hurt because this guy prefers his women bald? Careful guys, your preference on how you like your poon may start a war.

Other interesting bits:
rhylian claiming that wars are actually started because people get upset over petty things. Here that, you Jew bastards?

charamelle apparently believes it's a choice between a huge bush or a vag covered in "lovely pus filled ingrowns." Apparently there are no such things as waxing or depilatory cream. Or better yet, laser hair removal.

starstealingirl suggests that hereiwontlie go gay, considering he apparently hates everything about vaginas if he hates how they are in their natural state. Because, you know, men are hairless.

I apologize if this isn't as funny as I think it is; it's 4:30, I've been waiting for my boy toy to get home for an hour, and it's also my first post. Please feel free to rip into me if this is entirely retarded.
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