December 27th, 2008

the giving tree

orgasm 500 times on your own dime

This sex_tips question, and the commments to come (get it? a pun!), are totally laughable. A guy asks if it's realistic that he can get his GF off 200 times in a night, and she herself comments that he SURE AS HECK CAN!

"I've had around about 200 or so in one night.
It's definately possible, it doesn't help that my sex drive is off the scale :] This is pretty much due to James though :P"

Give me a fucking break. I don't know what their agenda even is. A pat on the back, a confirmation? Totally puzzling.

Why does his IRL "girlfriend" feel the need to chip in about his sexual prowess in an online forum? Where the fuck is the sex tip?

This is either a sick RP thing or two idiots that have no clue what an orgasm is. I give much props to all the people that were patient with them.