December 14th, 2008

Zooey face

Troll in TQC

Ladies and gents, I do believe we have a troll.

Over in thequestionclub, dream_sandwich posed a 'random' series of questions, ending the list with:

5. Dont you agree aborting a baby is killing someone? Why isent it? Dont you enjoy your life? What if you were aborted? Dont you realize you wouldnt have anything to do with this arguement if you were aborted? If your pro abortion then dont reply because you almost werent born anyway (and will die eventually so really, dont say anything leftist feminazis. just die and pretend you arent self absorbed).

TQC gets appropriately amused and angry.

xx1121xx: '5. there's no such thing as 'pro-abortion''

dream_sandwich: 5. well people CAN be pro-abortion. there are people really hate children and think that they should all be aborted.

Abortion wank, just the way to start my morning!

i_am_famous: 5. STFU. If I had read this question first I wouldn't have dignified this with an answer. But I've already started, so I'm not gonna let that time go in vain. Stop trolling.

dream_sandwich: well you have big boobs AND small feet so good thing your parents decided not to kill you.

i_am_famous asks about this and dream_sandwich replies:

"because out of the trillions of people that have existed you were actually useful to someone. even if it is a black guy or me but hey, good thing your parents made that wise decision."

Others joined in and began to question the part about the black guy, because really, wtf?

shiori_hime calls dream_sandwich out on her trolling behavior: "5 [not 4....]) And you're trying to stir up a shit-storm with this too, aren't you? It's as though you're playing a game -- the "how much insulting bullshit can I fit into one question" game."

So, just to up the batshit insanity a notch, dream_sandwich replies: "if i were playing that game i'd ask why nobody says anything about the way black people smell. and even clean black people have big feet so wtf is up with that"

When pensieronuovo decides that the entry is stupid, dream_sandwich to go abort herself.

All in all, not a great stupid, just a stupid troll.