December 10th, 2008

y so srs, anna nicole, batman

Some predictable stupid courtesy of the booj

So. We all know about blah blah blah owlsarentaholes blah blah blah adoption blah blah blah booju_newju blah blah (seriously, do I really need to give the whole backstory there?).

Well, it turns out that she is also vehemently against egg or sperm donation. People who conceive via [jessy's-airquotes]"donation"[/jessy's-airquotes] these methods are selfish assholes taking advantage of other peoples' fertility. Even if you receive sperm or egg from a relative, it is dishonest and likely to cause problems for the child involved because the child would really be your niece or nephew, whom you selfishly raise as his/her [jessy's-airquotes]"mother"[/jessy's-airquotes]. If someone donates an egg, they are treating the resultant child as an object to be passed around, which is a huge psychological burden (side note: I wonder if we'll start seeing speshul snowflakes on el-jay conceived in this manner insisting that their deep psychological trauma and self-diagnosed ass-burgers stems from BEING PASSED AROUND AS AN OBJECT??). If a woman's husband is infertile, then she has no problem with her using a male friend to conceive a baby, as long as his name goes on the birth certificate and her husband is willing to play his actual role, as a step-father, rather than pretending to be the father. Note that we're not even talking about a child here -- not even an embryo -- we're talking about an unfertilized egg. Blah blah blah owlsarentaholes blah blah.