December 9th, 2008


Obama's another tempt to fool you Amurica!

melvin_udal makes a post over in conservatism where Obama admits while he claims he quit smoking, he apparently hasn't. Melvin is all pissed off because of the the rampant hypocrisy of the Left, who have demonized smoking for decades (and profited greatly from it I might add) but who instantly forgive that The Messiah partakes. Goofball justgoto chimes in blaming leftists as well for "[sic] put up NO SMOKING zones in private businesses and outdoors."

In the best thread 404 cries foul because, "so many Liberals that go bat shit bonkers when they are around smokers, or hear about BIG TOBACCO, that they are having to now use cognitive dissonance because their beloved leader is a just another dirty smoker." In that same thread, politikitty tries very hard to explain to a rather dorky heirtoruin and d_g_h the tobacco companies lied for years about making ciggies more addictive.

LoTs o'laffs to be had for the asking elsewhere there.

Screw humans, but omg not the snake!

EDIT: LOCKED, oh god, sorry!  I didn't notice!


On wtf_inc someone posts a link to a video of forced bestiality on a snake, accompanied with suitable amounts of disgusted shock.

wedesignerfakes posts a quote from the community rules stating that items promoting "harm and injury against someone else and animal cruelty" are not allowed.

A few people point out that the post isn't promoting anything, just expressing horror and outrage. Then, wayya points out, I find it amusing that you feel the need to remind us of this when it concerns "animal cruelty", but not "harm and injury against someone else".
What was your comment for the post with the video of a man beaten to a pulp?
(edited for clarity).

Cue wedesignerfakes explaining how videos of snakes in pain is SO MUCH WORSE than a man being beaten to death, because, "It doesn't matter if the guy who was hitting him was 400lbs and he was 100lbs. There is always something you can use in your own defense."

That's right, guys. It's you're own fault if you get murdered. But won't someone please think of the snakes?  I mean, it's not like they're naturally equipped to defend themselves in any way.  Unlike humans.

First post, so I'll take pointers on this write-up if you have them.