December 5th, 2008


Pretty tame stupid, really.

I knew that if I were patient enough girladvice would yield up something amusing again.

alphabettownn is suffering from a terrible case of the hots for a teacher.

There's this one teacher I've had a crush on for about 3 years now. Next year before I graduate I wanna tell him I really like him and ask him for a kiss. I'd go to his class after school, ask for help and see how it goes.
I don't think we'd be seen, to be frank. Should I do it? How can I ask for a kiss?

Some of the denizens react with concern.

Seems to be pretty tame until alphabettownn tells us a bit more about her issues and the situation.

It's as sad as it is stupid. If it's a fail, can I get some cookie recipes? I want to make some different ones for Christmas this year and am drawing a blank on what my mom and I should do beyond the sugar cookies, date balls, pralines, and...whateverthehellelse we normally do.

Quick edit for HTML bork.
Edited again: awww, man, I fail. I didn't even notice it was locked. I'm sorry, guiz. Lemme see if I can get some caps for y'all.

Edit yet again: oh. Yeah. Caps are a no. I am failing like it's a math class.
...Join the community? It's amusing even beyond this entry.

Edited part three: I took this to sf_drama, and HILARITY ENSUED. FIRST alphabettownn's bestie mirxlucius shows up to defend her. THEN she backtracks so much it's like a fucking moonwalk. AND THEN we have a FLOUNCE, y'all.
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the giving tree

Black People are such whiners

"To me, this is just another case of a black parent (who has likely faced racism themselves, given a certain age range) asking their child what happened in school today and suddenly going, "Oh, no they di'n't."

Being tied and bound by a teacher is just the way that black kids lie to miss school.

I like the implied sassy black accent on "di'n't."

Also, being tied up with tape and made to crawl on the ground in front of 25 other students is the same as throwing up at school.

"I can understand upset, but EMBARRASSED? come on, I threw up in class the first day of fifth grade at a new school and I still came back the next day."