November 27th, 2008

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FYI: It turned a bit grudgy. But he's a complete moron, so it's okay.

I posted this to sf_d originally, but it's gotten so much bigger, and the mod over there is slow to approve things, so here:

_uncreativename asks TQC: are you a theist or an atheist, and why? Most of the comments are pretty mundane: yes, no, this is why.

Then, pathofreason shows up to enlighten us all. Apparently, if you believe in a higher power, you haven't educated yourself. He knows this, because he's a six-year theology student, and a former minister. At the ripe old age of 24 25, he somehow managed to squeeze in six years of studying theology, plus seminary school, was ordained, and trained under another minister for at least 6 months. Maybe, if he started when he was ... 13.

Ignoring his credentials (or lack thereof), he still spends time arguing about a Christian using a "666" icon, declares that theists know nothing of history, culture or development, remarks that responses from users are only because they are defensive that he's challenging our religion and so much more. There's even multiple mentions of radical Islam and September 11th in there, to boot.

Yes, pathofreason, I'm defensive that you think you've proved there's no G*d, not because you called me an uncultured, uneducated idiot simply because of my religious beliefs.