November 12th, 2008

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Small, but blossoming...

Over at that regular bastion of intellect, ohnotheydidnt, there's a post about how Trick Trick, who is apparently a rapper, is proud to be homophobic. The comments are actually pretty hilarious, as everyone has a blast ripping into the guy, until we get to...

_vanityfair: I don't support gay rights, but it's ridiculous how he speaks against gay.

When questioned, she goes on to say: "Though I don't see it as a choice, I believe more people born "gay" due to physical birth defect and it has to do with hormone imbalance which is not normal." And, further down, "How easy is it to show yourself to be a gay supporter? It's so common." Because, of course, what matters most is that she isn't like those common people who have things like logic and empathy.

My favorite:

_vanityfair: Is it morally good to support gays?
dirtyknife: Yes.
_vanityfair: Wow.

Wow, indeed.
you can't possibly be serious

There's a Hollywood in Portland? SURELY YOU JEST

This is my first stupid, but I've been laughing at this for the past ten minutes. I hope I'm doing this right.

Over in damnportlanders, jughood wants to know what are some cool things to do in Portland. stopword suggests Steam, in the Hollywood district. But--wait a second! Hollywood is in California, not Portland! Two different places can't possibly share the same name! Also u guyz "Hollywood is like famous though why would a different city name something hollywood that makes no sense" "Maybe they're jealous."

avschick332119 wonders whether the OP is serious, and the OP doesn't know who she's talking about.

The sad thing? jughood is 23.

EDIT: Okay, apparently jughood is a troll. I need to buy a new troll-detector, srsly. I fail hard. Carry on.

"Nobody wants to see it "

Oh ohnotheydidnt, you never fail to bring the fat wank.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan has a fat friend who came to a red carpent event somewhere, and it begins with elizabert 's simple request of "she isn't famous, stop making fun of her".

Which is obviously sheer insanity according to mmmyesplease because "We all have our trouble spots and its each persons responsibility to make sure those spots are covered up."

Cover up the dirty pillows!

And then wank regarding whether the person deserves to be mocked if she's walking near an event which features cameras.

Fat people need to stay indoors, and only wear potato sacks and never go near camera, mirrors or reflective surfaces!!!

teamdemi makes it clear several times that she's an asshole, which I guess is a warning of sorts?
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