November 10th, 2008


Am I the only one who still reads MTS?

This is a few days old, but as it hasn't made it here yet, I'll do the honors.

xpoisonedrosesx makes a post in mock_the_stupid and for some reason decides to use the term "land-whale" to describe a 16-year-old girl featured in her post. S/he must be new to the internet and the ways of fat wank.

It only takes four comments before beetle_breath inquires about the odd descriptor.

consortofvenus pipes up:

If one is big enough to be called a whale, I too would think that they're stupid to eat quite that much food on a regular basis. We as a society need to call grossly over-weight, compulsive-eaters what they are. Not coddle them and tell them it's all going to be ok.

Here's an excerpt from jebussaveus:

This is just more PC bullshit, like retards: because it's an embarrassment to their parents, they now get labeled "autistic" in some juggle-the-word make-it-hurt-less semantics. Call a spade a spade. You can call them Beijing and Mumbai and Myanmar all you want, but they'll always be Peking, Bombay and Burma to me. And fatty will always be a fatty, regardless of the reason.

There's also a bit of bulimia wank.

Some wisdom from fran_j:
Jesus, fat people so sensitive... And you may have book smarts but if you're unable to look after your body i'd say that does indicate a level of stupidity. There. I said it.

Finally, the OP clarifies that "The reason i used the *land whale* comment was because what made me take notice in the first place was the fact that she was lifting her shirt in a way that would be offensive even if she were thin. it had no connection to how stupid she was, just a descriptor."

ETA: It's been pointed out this was posted in sf_drama already, but since there are a good 4000+ members of this comm that aren't in sf_d, I'll only give myself 49 lashes with the wet noodle. ;-)
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