November 9th, 2008

lulz scrubs

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In a post on wtf_inc featuring a highly disturbing video of animals being skinned for the fur trade:

So you can post animals being tortured but not animals getting sexually pleasured by their owners? At least the latter is promoting love. Fucked up priorities and logic humans have. SO glad I'm half animal. :)

Humans aren't animals, you're just jealous because you wish you were half-animal like me.

And to wrap this tiny but delicious morsel up, a complete failure to understand a figure of speech.

Here's hoping my first post is worthy.

EDIT: Ladies and gentlefurs, WE HAVE META. Or grudgewank, whatever, my heart's fizzing like a speed freak, I'm so excited, can't think, TOO HAPPY.

*tear* I'm so proud. I'd like to give a shout out to mum, you're my girl, I wouldn't be here without you. Uh, Satan, hail my lord, I'll keep your flame burning in my heart. THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH!