October 31st, 2008

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Army Wank

Somebody anonymously posts this secret in this thread which says "I can't help but think less of people who join the military. I don't think killing people is heroic, ever.

Bring on the hoardes of logical debaters who point out that not every military job involves killing anybody, and of course Yeah, taking a life isn't exactly heroic, but you know what is? Doing a job that protects assholes like you, allowing you to say shit like that and the human race is flawed and sometimes violence is neccesary to keep order, bla bla bla, and of course the illogical individuals with commentary such as You are a fucking asshole. Do the world a favor and kill yourself!. There are of course 2 very disputable sides to this argument.

However, xasgoodasitgets does not see two sides. Just one: I don't respect cops or fireman just cuz they chose that job. NOBODY deserves MY respect just by choosing any old job like that. She continues responding to every commenter who has a dissenting opinion on the secret in question, insisting that most soldiers really only joined the army because they enjoy killing people.

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