October 28th, 2008

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Good bye, cruel LJ gay communities!

So, tanisnikana posts in one community, gets flamed, decides to flounce in gaygeeks, gets flamed, screens posts, and bahleets. podpodpod takes post screening personally and floods the original post before the bahleetion.

Enter skidrow_v6 who makes a new post asking for screenies of tanis' bahleeted post. Pod^3 starts stirring things up and posts several screen caps showing the original post and his flooding.

Many comments later tanis defends the original original post by saying he's too lazy to use any other word but "he" to describe a person and defends himself with lame sarcasm and general faggotry.
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State schools are not universities

In a post about plagiarism at academics_anon, mallyns makes the bewildering statement that her school "is a uni not a state school." When pressed, she kindly offers a community full of experienced academics this helpful bit of wisdom:

"There are different levels of schools for higher education.

Level 1: Jr. College (called now) Community College.

Level 2: State College (Ex: Salem State)

Level 3: University (Ex: Harvard Uni, Boston Uni)"

What's the difference between Levels 2 and 3? No in-state applicants are ever rejected from state schools. After all, she knows someone who got into UNH with a 1.00. She is later surprised to find that this apparently does not hold true for Berkeley and UCLA.

Unsurprisingly, a massive dogpile occurs. Surprisingly, considering the comm, most of the comments clock in at under one paragraph.

ETA: Sorry guys, didn't see that it was locked. If someone wants to move this to the little kid's table with caps be my guest.