August 22nd, 2008

Moogie's lobes [DS9 snarky]
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breaking the rules is "not really cheating", y'all!

in the olympicscentral, rosen_dove brings up to the community at large the topic of the Chinese gymnastics team and whether or not some are really underage.

for benefit of anyone who has missed this/hasn't followed this/is ignoring the Olympics, here's the short version: supposed evidence has popped up here and there that at least two of the gymnasts, including gold winner He Kexin, may be underage. some sites, including a report i read on yahoo news tonite, say that He might be as young as thirteen. there is now enough suspicion and proof to launch an official investigation.

the very FIRST comment launches the stupid, made by 102293, in which he/she says if they are underage, who cares? they are talented.

somethinghippie responds with the obvious: cheaters = undeserving of rewards.

102293: they won from talent that others lacked.

others are quick to follow suit and back up somethinghippie's statement. cheating is cheating.

102293 just doesn't get it. because obviously the only ones who give a shit are the Americans and we're just sore losers.

bonus stupid where kokoro agrees with 102293 by saying that it's all racism.

Olympic wank....who woulda thought?

[ETA: fixed comm name...thanks to tomoeish for seeing the goof i made &letting me know to fix LOL]
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