August 21st, 2008

Catholicism Community Takes On The Intersexed!

saintwithasw0rd puts the question to catholicism: What Does The Church Teach About The Intersexed?, specifically addressing Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which is just one form of being intersexed. And the discussion is on!

napoleonofnerds notes that East German women used this condition to cheat at sports, and while he is not aware of a Church teaching on the subject, he advises that should these women choose to identify as men, they should remain celibate. He later opines that "We don't let Downs Syndrome patients or schizophrenics into seminary either, and none of that is as bad as dying at birth without the aid of the sacraments. How is this significantly different?" and it gets wankerific from there.

Then cinchntouch asks if these people could be brothers or sisters since they can't be priests (never mind it was stated in the beginning the Church doesn't HAVE a teaching), to which napoleonofnerds helpfully answers that the severely disabled are often taken in by religious communities, and his_bee mentions that Catholic religious communities will not accept any candidate with a mental illness, because clearly being intersexed is a mental illness. Not to be outdone, in a slight topic shift cinchntouch tells schneckerock that the Church is NOT about happiness in the afterlife. When schneckerock points out that the Church has been canonizing martyrs for a long time now, cinchntouch rebuts with, "so, by your logic, Christians should support genocide an slavery because it gives people the chance to be holy?" which is SO what schneckerock meant. Not.

Later on, in a discussion about impotence preventing canonical marriage, shemale, a intersexed trans person, points out that AIS people have vaginas and can certainly have intercourse. To which saintwithasw0rd points out that since they are XY chromosomally but do not have a penis, they are "impotent males" and therefore unable to have intercourse and get married.

If anybody wants to know the actual opinion of the Catholic Church, check out the book Ethics and Intersex by Sharon E. Sytsma, in the essay "Christianity and Human Sexual Polymorphism" by P.B. Jung.
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