August 7th, 2008

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God speaks through me

Over on 0hyourgod, meus_ovatio channels God and offers advice to little Susie, recently orphaned by way of murder. Highlights include:
Should I punish only some people, and not others? Should I ignore the liar, and smite the killer? Should I punish the cheating husband, even if he has kids, while I let the man who hates his brother go free? Where do I draw the line? Who do I punish and who do I not punish? Do you want me to punish you, Susie? Remember last Sunday? Yes, I know. Do you want me to spank you? I don't think you do Susie. My hand is great, yea it is mighty.

There are fountains of stupidity pretty much every time he touches the keyboard. Apparently this is meant to be the start of an advice column "Dear God...".

I've got screencaps, in case somebody gets Delete-happy over there.

ETA: Ahahahahaha, he edited the original post and made it worse. This is the original, quoted in my post. And this is what he came up with, screencapped in case he decides to edit again.
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