August 6th, 2008

  • kakaze

Oh noes! I set a foot out of my perfectly sterile bubble!, I got drunk last night and went to a bathhouse and actually had sex without a virtual sex helmet—you know, like in that cheesy 90s B movie Demolition Man—which means I actually had to touch people and, like, ZOMG, almost have someone's cum touch my pristine and sterile skin!

Someone gave me a blowjob but it was dark so I couldn't really see if he had AIDS—because, you know, everyone with AIDS has thin faces and sunken cheeks and they spit fire and death from their mouths—and I fucked two guys and made sure that I showered after each one to get the AIDS off me.

I even went home and soaked my dick in peroxide to get the AIDS off me even though I used a condom when I fucked and took showers each time.

Please help me deal with my depression, which is the cause of my getting drunk and going to the bathhouse and most likely getting AIDS even though I did everything possible to make the sex as clinical and non tactile as possible!

I'm telling you, I'm paranoid and obsessive compulsive about it guys! I'm telling you!

EDIT: He's deleted comments calling him out for his stupid behaviour.
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