August 2nd, 2008

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So redundantly is having a typical, customers_suck kind of bad day. Family came in being very demanding and left a lousy tip over trivial issues. So far, so good. But then...

I get that you're Oriental (some sort, at least), but, fuck. They've got to tip there, right?
It's not like it won't be easy to recognize you. Next time you come in, you can bet I'll be begging to trade tables with someone else.

As I'm sure you guessed, the wank is only just getting started. We haven't even gotten to the comments.

To kiaayo's point that people = Asian while objects = Oriental: Objects are a noun and so are people? Why the hell would they need two different adjectives?

To accioveritas explaining that they don't always tip as much or at all in other cultures: Okay, sure. But they're in our culture. Shouldn't they bother to learn our customs?

The rest is pretty much more of the same, except that it keeps getting bigger and better by the moment.

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because my future bachelor's degree is better than your parenting!

the freetards are back....except this one is soon to have a "bachelor's degree" in child education!

xvmorganalefayv pops this rhetorical question to Freetard Hardcore (summarized): don't you hate it when the parent of a child pretends to know more about parenting and/or their child's behavior than you, the childfree "educator" do??

oh yes, the OP claims she's more knowledgeable than any parent UNLESS that parent is also an educator. some of the comments are just as ridiculous.

SO REMEMBER, PARENTS OF THE INTERNET!! "Morgana" and her child development/child psych classes, teaching classes (general ed and non if i'm understanding that right), daycamp work, children's theater work, internships, dance instructing, and 13 years of babysitting--oh and her as-yet non-existent bachelor's degree!! makes her more qualified than you, the parent of your child to know anything about the raising of them.

and for the bingo board runners and list takers, we have a new and somewhat creative child insult: milksop of a beastlet.

now i shall go and finish defrosting my freezer. i hear no more falling ice chunks so i hope it's ready to sweep out and wipe down.

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