July 31st, 2008


More Than Meets The Eye, Oy!

About two weeks ago on fanficrants , wank erupted over Transformers fanfiction. smart_blonde223  made a request that a certain type of slashfic that depicts body mech fluids come with a warning. The author shows up and the wank begins.

Yesterday, smart_blonde223 comes back to fanficrants and posts about a grudgefic that the author, helena1234 , posted on fanfiction.net. The mods notice something a little weird and discover that smart_blonde223  and helena1234  are sharing the exact same ip address and come to the conclusion that they are one and the same.

You would think when she's exposed as trolling herself with a sock puppet, she would leave or flounce but no, smart stupid_blonde had a perfectly valid excuse:

helena1234  has hacked her LJ and stolen her IP address! And she even deleted her posts and uploaded up old 4chan memes and NSFW material to her journal! She even changed her user icon (Godwin's law is invoked) and rewrote her profile.


Both members (who are really the same person) are immediately banhammered.

ETA: It seems that sometime today, she's posted the password to her lj on 4chan in another attempt to convince everyone that Anonymous/her roommate/her dad/YOUR MOM hacked her account.

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