July 23rd, 2008

As Dr. House once said: Everybody lies

"It's okay, guys! Everyone lies! Politicians too! Just sit back and take it!"

Here you have, heavily paraphrased, the astounding logic of one mon_lapin! (You remember her, right?)

The post in question? Senator John McCain being edited on CBS to make it look like he didn't either fuck up his statement or lie.

But it's okay! He's tired from campaigning, he can't handle the stress, he's bound to make mistakes! Also, if he did lie, oh, don't worry!~ Politicians lie all the time! It's a tactical move, get over it.

More patient people than myself respond in kind, trying to get her to realize that both answers still pretty much suck in the scheme of things - either we've got a moron, or a liar. Or a lying moron. But good ol' mon_lapin, as you very well know, refuses to see the light or listen to people tell her she might, god forbid, be wrong:

"If it's tactical it's no worse then other politicians.If it's a mistake on an interview , whoop." Yeah, it's not like he's running for President of the United St.... oh.

This girl. She is a Pez dispenser of stupid.
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