July 20th, 2008

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Over in dog_lovers, a perfectly fine post is made, with rhapsodical78 making a poll, asking members what their favorite types of dogs are. One of the possible answers is 'Bully breeds.'

kmd gets a bit offended, since she thinks bully breeds mean that any dogs that are mean. However, it's when it's explained to her that it means pit bulls, staffies, etc, that's when she REALLY flips the fuck out.

Common or not, I don't like it.

No, I am not kidding you. I know that it can be an extension of the word "bull." But if you had lived around people who use those dogs as weapons, you wouldn't be so casual. It's just really not ok that these dogs get used and treated the way they do. And calling them "bully" dogs playfully makes their treatment a playful thing.

Well, all right, let's get to changing all of these breed names. Let's see, I'll take the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the English Bulldog. Who wants to work at renaming the American Bulldog and Bull Terrier?
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I love waking up to stupid race wank!

Over in grandrapidsmi, my fair city, lost_tumbleweed makes a post saying, "I rode the bus last night and I was the only white person! Why is everyone so racist?" Because you know, riding the bus is such a sad, unfortunate thing. She edits her post to add a disclaimer that this may have been an isolated "incident." She finishes with a bald eagle standing in front of an American flag shedding a single tear.

lost_tumbleweed is immediately accused of being a troll, but doesn't know the meaning of the word.

panda_parfait wonders out loud if we need Affirmative Action quotas for buses, which lost_tumbleweed takes entirely seriously.

When riot_gurl_86 asks why she was uncomfortable in that situation, she says it's sad how professionals only ride the bus during the day. She also expresses fury that banks aren't open 24 hours a day.

biatchyhoney jumps in and we begin with the character attacks and personal journal trolling! lost_tumbleweed apparently went to biatchyhoney's journal and copypasta'd some completely random, unrelated, out-of-context personal attack and a bonus e-lawyer threat just to point out what a meanie she is.

Keep your eyes open for lost_tumbleweed's upcoming book on the racial divide in America.

ETA: She's got it figured out! The problem is that black people love drugs, are angry, and are unwilling to help themselves.

ETA2: OMG you guys! Not a flounce, but we did get a whole separate wahh post!

ETA3: Wahh post AND THE ORIGINAL POST bahleeted! Cap of the wahh post.

It's Raining Pills! Hallelujah It's Raining Pills!

Over in anti_feminism, hortensio posts an entry about the practice of eating clay when pregnant (which is widespread in parts of Africa and Asia). (1)

While many commenters see the practice as harmful to the mother and the child and point out the poverty situation of the area, puf_almighty pops in and offers a solution to everyone's problems:

Christ, dude. Every time I read about Africa it's always WARS WARS REBELS ATROCITIES STARVATION CHILD SOLDIERS RAPE. People can't eat... man, fuck it. Carpet bomb the place with CONDOMS. And BIRTH CONTROL. There's no reason to keep making more babies in hell, but if you get the population low enough they'll just have to do something other than kill each other, right? At least you won't be bringing innocent kids into that place...Seriously, people should have so many condoms there that they're coming up with alternate industry using surplus condoms. "I'm going to the condom fields to gather materials to weave into a raincoat."...Well, stealthily applied contraceptives, like laced in the free food, would accomplish the goal, right? (2) (3) (4)

Some more (and actually somewhat civil) debate occurs in the thread.

What do you think? How would you solve Africa's population problems? What do you think abou t the practice of eating clay? Should the area be bombed with condoms and pills??

edit-sorry, did not see it on sf_d as i don't follow that community as closely. keeping it here for those who didn't read it there, i guess. but it's strange because it more meets the s_f criteria (unlocked, etc), not the other way around...which is why i did not expect it to show up in another place already

Mini ~face palm~: That murderer is hot!!!

Over in seattle, last week, a post was made by schmuckythecat about the "Traffic Circle Killa". The "Traffic Circle Killa" is a man that goes by the name of Brian Keith Brown who was wanted in connection with an assault that resulted in the death of a 60-year-old South Seattle man. (1)

Within the post, verybadlady offers her opinion on the man, who MURDERED an older man-

ooo he's hot. (2)


moonrock posts a followup post about how the "Traffic Circle Killa" turned himself in for MURDER. (3)

Within the post mercuryfading and quietgrrl states their piece about the suspect, who MURDERED someone -

Daaaaamn he is a good looking man. (4)

I agree, he is a nice looking young gentleman. (5)

To which moonrock points out

you can do better. a guy who hasn't murdered someone. on video. i promise. you can find a guy with pretty eyes who hasn't murdered someone. POSITIVE. (6)

So.........Do you this he is HOT or Not? Any of you pen pals with Scott Peterson?
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Shoplifting advice

Over in thequestionclub (unlocked as of posting), trust_lust wants to know more efficient ways to steal without that pesky morality.

She works retail and jacks makeup to look pretty.

But she loves her job u guys!

There's more stupid if you look, some people actually try to help her.

Edit: fruit_ing adds sorry youre getting ragged on so bad about this. stealing from big companies is really a victimless crime, and people shouldnt be so quick to defend a place that doesnt give a shit about them

The stupid, it burns.