July 16th, 2008

Sesame Street-Shut the fuck up!

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I belong to two book communities, bookshare and booktards. bloody_keri frequently posts book reviews on these two communities, as well as several other book communities. I personally find her posts a little annoying, as she doesn't use an lj cut, and they can be quite lengthy. Also, they seem a little too professional for my liking. However, it's a mild annoyance, and I usually just scroll past her reviews and go about my day.

Today, in both bookshare and booktards (and presumably in the other communities she posts to), she declares that she is leaving the community because a couple of days ago she received another message (the 4th over the course of a year!) from someone who complains that she cross-posts too much, and from now on, is only going to post in her personal journal.

Then an hour later, she makes another post in both bookshare and booktards (and presumably in the other communities) and declares that she has changed her mind because she had gotten so many responses (immediately!) about her cross-posting, and didn't really want to leave or stop posting, ROFLLLLLLLLLL, and that she will get over her personal prejudices she has about lj cuts, and now use a cut.