July 14th, 2008

NDN Y So Srs?

Mini, entertaining stupid......

Over on ohnotheydidnt, a trend has developed over the past few months to Joker-ize anything and everything (see icon) in honor of the new Batman film, "The Dark Knight". (Joker-izing is making pictures look like the person has the make-up of The Joker.)

First off, how does one go about Joker-izing something?

Well, open MS Paint and insert a picture. With the paintbrush, add black eyes, a red mouth, and green hair (if you are feeling adventurous). Save picture.


Fast forward to today.

One of the members, nap_queen_247, submitted a post about how she came across a Joker-ized dollar bill at work, which was decorated/colored with markers.

gabstuhs jumps in and asks the most important question of all:

was that coloured like that or did the mint print itlike that

Yes, gabstuhs. The United States Mint (or if you want to be specific, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing) did print a bunch of Joker-ized dollar bills. Didn't you know The Mint has teamed up with Warner Bros. to promote this film?

If only The Mint teamed up with Fox to promote "Meet Dave". Then maybe we'd have a clue what that movie actually is.