July 11th, 2008

six string

gb2 hot topic

I've been a long long time lurker on anarchists, every once in a while it gets troll'd (a la thespoony) or attracts insane idiots.

The latter is one of those times.

"You're right; anarchy is order — a natural order. Proudhon wrote this, and some think this is the meaning behind the circle symbol; but if my idea of resistance looks like disorder, why are you so sure that your anarchism is the one right way to anarchy? So many of you think that we need to "organize anarchy" to replace capitalism, but that's an artificial anarchy; it's a man-made order and therefore not anarchy. Why is mayhem such a bad thing; how much "disorder" will it take to get rid of "the" (eleventy billion) state(s)? (so that anarchy, or a natural order, can take its course as nature generally does without a minority of do-gooders giving each other winks and nudges)"

minor drama in the scheme of things, but the comments on the above post lol me.