July 5th, 2008

Oh hay thar

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Small stupid. I promise I am not butthurt, I just think it's kind of stupid.

fine_clarity posts to polyamory plugging her community, social_liberals. I've been a member for quite sometime, after seeing her plug several weeks ago in intactparenting.

The comments in the post in polyamory made me check the user info again and her description of what a social liberal was pretty false. wight1984 points how bizarre the idea of her community, because in order to join you have to agree with all of her ideals, saying: So, basically, in order to join this group I would have to agree with all your particular political stances? I'm afraid I don't predict that you're going to have much luck with populating that group

So I made this comment to her in social_liberals:

I joined this group without really reading that list and now that I have, I realize how poorly you've described a social liberal.

She responds to me:

You want to leave? Very well, Amanda. Adieu.

...and bans me. How very socially liberal of her to respect another person's opinion!

And another comment sent to me after my banananation:

BTW, it goes without saying that it is not appropriate for you to use this community to undermine social liberalism by saying that it is not social liberalism.

Also, by the sounds of the comments in the polyamory thread, some people have been banned without even joining the community, but for commenting in disagreement.

A socially liberal mod nazi.