June 27th, 2008

Spaced Tim Daisy

Sf_d: quickly becoming as easy as cf_h

For high schoolers in West Covina, California, classes are done and they have all received their yearbooks. Good times for all, except the Black Students' Union, who found that under their group picture, all of their names had been replaced. In place of their actual names, they got: D'Angelo Green, Tay Tay Shaniqua, Dwayne Howards, James Bobo, Teyshawn Johnson, Shawn Reds, Crisphy Nanos, Laquan White, D'Andrews Percy.

Sf_d, for the most part, is grossed out.

But not hamburgerjack.

I don't understand what the problem is. XD That's hilarious to me. So black people don't wanna be called out for giving their children ridiculous ass names. Big deal. Sad chances are there is someone running around with the name Crisphy. That's just a fact. Also having almost been apart of the crazy and rabble rousing that is a BSU/BSA I know they're just getting their panties in a twist. This is another cry wolf and when some actual racist shit goes down, no one's going to pay attention because they got huffy over names.

I don't see how this is racist at all. I love anytime something like this comes up it's OMG RACISM. This is just plain and simple foolery.

And it makes me laugh all around.

Straight up foolery.

The meta: it just keeps happening.

ETA: Apparently hamburgerjack is a dedicated troll? Who pretends to be a racist white dude in order to educate the masses of how they should only be mad about big cases of racism, and not smaller ones? Or something?

ETA2: Meta in a meta post? Well, I never! wolfsilveroak thinks these kids should just be happy they were in the yearbook in the first place. And who really knows if going after the kids in the Black Students' Union was a racial move, anyway, amirite?

~(incestual) sexual seduction~

According to metafictionally incest is like homosexuality, except not as widely accepted.

goddramon wants to impliment some sort of gay sperm/egg harvesting program because incest and homosexuality are the same and they should be forced to share their eggs/sperm because even though they've got "issues" their offspring won't.

And, now bahleted stupid in the comments:

Subject: I'm so, gonna get clobbered for this
I'm on his side. That one sentence is...unfortunate and poorly written. The I agree with his ideas.

frm hollyqueen