June 17th, 2008


Autism is cool to one TQC member....or two. Yes, exactly two.

It all starts in this post where mumblestutterasks thequestionclub if she should approach her friend about their child's autism test results. Life is dandy until one special flower, ser_kai decidedly doesn't see what's wrong with being autistic, her and her child are!!! 

Ahh but a day in TQC is never fully complete until a post goes to  tqc_drama where the wank continues and elicits new wank on the original thread. At this point fourtysix_n_twojumps in and adds a dose of convoluted nonsense to the whole mess. You see fourtysix_n_two, is bipolar and this gives them the ultimate say on all disability related topics.

Q: When will it stop? 
A: In a world where everyone has autism. 
(Or bipolar like fourtysix_n_two and autism like ser_kai and all her kids.)

None of these posts are locked atm.
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I come bearing fat wank.

In scans_daily, an old comic version of a Ray Bradbury story is posted (be warned, there are large images, and therefore not very dial-up safe. robertroberts takes exception to the term "fattism" because:

Being fat isn't (for the vast majority) like being black - it's a choice - being lazy and eating too much crap.

The vast majority of fat people have nothing wrong with them - except for being lazy and greedy. They take in more energy then they use.

The "it's my glands/I have big bones" is just an excuse for most people - those conditions affect a very small percentage of people.

There is nothing wrong with most fat people beyond a lack of self-control.

west_tiger expounds on her Chinese Singaporean/Malay ethnic heritage and berates robertroberts in a nearly tl;dr comment: So you, by what I see here, would hate this race wholly. Because you don't like fat people. And don't you dare say I'm calling you a racist or changing the subject to racism because you hate fat people, which means you hate regardless of race and in a way, hate all races.

And since the 'majority' of Malays are fat, you'll hate them all anyway. That's how your personality is coming across.

Oh, and you'll say they have no self-control and all that shit. During the Japanese occupation, my grandma sheltered with a Malay family in kampong so that Japanese soldiers wouldn't find her and rape her.

Fuck self-control. Fuck that because the Japanese soldiers were skinny as rails and were going to rape my grandmother (and she was 12 at the time) and these fat Malay couple who could have easily turned a blind eye and keep themselves out of danger, without a sense of self-control, sheltered my grandmother to save her life!

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Is eugenics wank still allowed?

savagemind posts an article in anti_feminism about brain structure in homosexuals vs. heterosexuals. This is not the stupid, although the sample sizes in the study in question are slightly laughable.

The stupid appears here, when estu_k_aftadai argues that "Screening out homosexual children isn't necessarily a bad decision. Homosexuality isn't looked upon kindly by a lot of people, and it makes peoples' lives harder. Why would you make your child's life more difficult and let the child be subject to more ridicule and ostracizing if you had the choice not to?"

People, justifiably, completely flip their shit and point out that he needs to STFU and stop being a dumbshit. He continues to argue for compassionate eugenics to protect the potential gay babies.

This is massively grudgy, but I figured it was stupid enough all on its own to warrant inclusion in the grownup comm.

ETA: dude, you guys, Raggy's talking about Nietzsche. I wanted to point it out in case anyone missed it.
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