June 16th, 2008

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I'm sorry in advance. I know, I know, ohnotheydidnt members can be easy targets, but I've been cracking up over these comments since late last night.

It started with a completely off topic comment in an innocent "Who wore it best?" post. icequeenscully claims that her online (ex?)boyfriend's parents are planning on pressing charges against her for stalking him. In a nutshell: They've never met in real life. (Even though he broke down crying in front of her omg!) He started ignoring her, his cell phone "broke", he didn't tell her his new number. She claims calling his house every hour from 4-9PM is what caused the parents to threaten legal action. Why is she opening up on ONTD? Because she doesn't have friends, apparently. And she's never been to a party. Don't know if that's relevant, though.

Other highlights: Some of his friends didn't know about her; she "tracked them down"; dignity means nothing to her; and of course, by this time, some are convinced she's a troll. Rolling Stones references are made.

ETA: Forgot to mention, she claims having been charged with stalking when she was 14(!!!) as well. /edit

Then, today, she showed up in another post with an "update." (Basically, she hasn't been arrested, everyone's kind of disappointed.) She seems to be a little more hostile today, and other members are getting more snarky / annoyed with her. I've kind of been skimming other posts to see if she continues this ~epic saga~ but so far, nothing.

In other ohnotheydidnt news, there's a been a few lol-worthy posts concerning racism and Disney, but I found myself more entertained by this chick.

Oooooh, an update! Thank you kerrence. She shows up in yet another post claiming that he convinced his parents not to file charges and they agreed to talk every OTHER day. Oh vey.

Race/religion wank+ Disney= "Mickey Mouse doesn't wear turbans!"

Starts simple, a post to ohnotheydidnt about a man suing Disney for not giving him a specific job within the park because of his turban and facial hair.

"In his suit, Sukhbir Channa says when he applied for a job at Disneyworld in 2006, he was told his turban, beard, and long hair didn't conform to the "Disney look." Here's the goofy part: just a few months before, in 2005, he says he marched as a toy soldier in a Disney parade with no problems-- but then his turban was hidden by a big toy soldier hat."

Hey Mickey you're so fine...

udsweetpea starts the ball rolling with this brillant comment Disney prides itself on authenticity, and a turban would not "go" with Main Street, USA

And then ups the ante of awesome by suggesting where he could work: "I'm thinking they could have put him in EPCOT or Animal Kingdom" Sauce

misguidedeskimo wants you to know that Disney is not racist because they have Princess Jasmine, Pochahontas AND Mulan DAMMIT
Paint with all the colour of the wind!

And finally, __lovebuzzz tops it off with race, welfare and religion ignorance.

Immigrants all have designer sunglasses and a million welfare cheques!
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She's just.....taking things to seriously

so in yet another ONTD post (three in a row! yay?), there was an article about how in the new Jonas Brothers video, Selena Gomez makes an appearance instead of Nick's ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. Cue the fangirls! promisering15 makes a completely normal 'Team Selena' comment,

Selena is so much better than Miley in every way possible.

when americandream17 call her/him immature for it, to which promisering15 replies

lol, hypocritical, much?
How does MY OPINION of Selena over Miley make me immature?

uglyextremity jumps in for some apparent reason, and what follows is an entire petty discussion that basically boils down who out of the three (ugly & american Vs. promise) is the most immature, but mostly consists of uglyextremity and americandream17 ganging up on promisering15 for no real reason except for the fact that they like Selena more than Miley. promisering15 tries to stall the stupid by saying they won't even respond to it, but eventually gives into the crap storm.

main thread

highlights include age wank amongst the three, which is funnier considering that if uglyextremity and americandream17 are indeed older than promisering15, they sure aren't acting the part.

Team promisering15, anyone?
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