June 15th, 2008


wtf_inc mean? No way!

corsetkitsune posts in wtf_inc asking:

"I've been searching and searching but I just can't seem to find the damned thing. It was a commercial that was shown on "Banned and Censored II" that was for a restaurant in Africa called Steers. It featured some awkward food fondling, including a pair of hamburger buns being groped like boobs and a pickle that was obviously phallic. If someone could find it, I think it would fit perfectly on here.
Thanks! ^__^

PS if it's been posted before I'll post my tits."

And here we go


Tits or GTFO...but somewhat later

And things only get awesone when kandi_panties finds pictures of corsetkitsune and decides pictures maybe won't be awesome.

Here be Cosplay

And the internet explodes.


grissom_issom finds all the internet meansness to be too much, as people who like anime and furries are always super nice.

The mean

And turns out, this was the second request for the African retuarant commerical but without an offer of tits.

Minus the tits offer
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What leash law?

Over in stupidpetowners, a poster makes a post about some idiots letting their dog run off lead in a camping ground that requires dogs to be on lead. It's a good thing that leads are required, cause apparently this area has poisonous snakes.
But not everyone thinks this is a problem.
oneminutecloser says Dogs held their own in the woods for millions of years before humans arrived with leashes. I'm not following why this is a SPO offense.