June 11th, 2008

Oregon Trail

Godwin's Law never fails to bring the lulz

Over in geekparents  , ifeedformula  makes a post about unsupervised kids in her neighborhood pool. This is not the stupid.

Some people disagree with how she handled it, but rasilio  freaks the hell out. When ifeedformula  responds, rasilio  gives us this gem:

"I didn't write the rule. I'd just like to see it followed."

So you would have turned Anne Frank over to the Nazi's would you? I mean they people who protected her didn't write the rules that sent the Jews to Concentration Camps, It's a good thing that they didn't just want to see them followed.

Because not wanting people to send their kids to the pool unsupervised is just like turning people over to the Nazis, y/y?

Fairly small, but still highly amusing.
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