June 8th, 2008


Prison: it's just like a resort, except you can't leave!

hurtbyl0ve makes a post in newyorkers about how he works sometimes in a hospital with a prison ward floor, and wouldn't you know it "Not only do the prisoners get Air conditioning, good food, cable television, but now they're also getting electric beds. Why are prisoners getting all these creature comforts that you and I pay out the ass for? We have to bust our butts 5-6 days a week to pay for this stuff, and all they had to do was kill someone, rape somebody, rob, molest, etc.."

He also notes that it's like being grounded and having to stay in your room, except your room has all kinds of toys and things to help pass the time... I don't know about you, but the last time I was grounded it didn't include public showers and not being able to own a pair of my own underpants.

bonnano chimes in that those gourmet hospital meals are equally unnecessary because An awful TV dinner won't hurt Taeshawn The Rapist.

Yeah, those damned prisoners living the high life on my tax dollars! I bet any one of us would totally opt to change places with a prisoner in a hot minute, right guys?