June 4th, 2008

scull scratching
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I can has dictionary

You have to know it to love it, anti_feminism. One local, dubhouse, is a rather unique type of anti-feminist. Dubhouse is well known for his dogmatic insistence that sexism = discrimination based on sex, and only that. Context, intentions and common sense be damned. What does this mean? If it's ok for a traumatized, battered woman to desire a safe space from men (womans shelter), then you must equally pardon a CEO his sexist hiring practices because he was cheated on.

But this time he's topped himself. "Having gender specific public toilets is sexist in the same way it was racist to have separate bathrooms for whites and blacks"

We're not sure why he does it. Does he think he's playing mind games with the feminists? Trying to trivialize actual anti-sexism efforts? Or plain vanilla dumb? Whatever the reason, what comes out of his mouth is pretty stupid.
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What we have here, is a failure to comprehend the internet.

THE CURSE OF THE LJ SPOTLIGHT STRIKES AGAIN! First post failure and people being assholes on the internet? God, no, the horror of it all! (Page one of post and comments, page two of comments).

Or what about a failure to detect sarcasm? Check check, check, check, check, check, and check.

Dios mio, wtf_nature, who will save you now?

ETA: Screencaps coming arrived!

ETA 2:


I Love the Booj

roseredhoofbeat brings the drama to my favorite crazy mama lj community, booju_newju (I only pick on you because I love you, ladies). Said shit-stirrer asks, Should fathers be able to terminate their parental rights (read: skive off child support), since mothers can get abortions or give the kids up for adoption?"

Much wank ensues, of the boring and not-necessarily-stupid-just-tedious variety. Until tertyl makes a comment about he's a child-support paying father, AND HE WANTS HIS MEDAL, DAMNIT.

You think I'm kidding about that medal bit, don't you?

The Moms of Booj mostly point and laugh at the guy bitching he doesn't have as much money or time since his kid was born, oh the horrors, and then tertyl flips his shit at simplifying:

Your obviously angry or upset at men or the world in general for the hand you have been given. I'm sure that raising your chittlin's is an extremely difficult thing for you, and i offer a sorry if your dreams and aspirations have been unjustly robbed from you because of this sacrifice. i hope that in the future, you can learn to keep your legs closed to prevent your desire to squeeze out another pup and burden our welfare system any more. if you are married, i feel really bad for the castrated cub you call your hubby...

That poor man. Only 15 hours a week all to himself, ever since that whore ex-girlfriend at whom he doesn't want to "point fingers" got pregnant.