June 3rd, 2008

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Over in cf_hardcore, uhhhhhhdj posts:

hello! i am new here, i'm 31 and i don't like children, i'm not really fond of people who have children. friends who DO have children (few) generally know better than to bring their children around me. i don't hold babies, i don't ask to see pictures of children, i avoid places where children go. i ditch work on "take your kid to work day"...

with that in mind, i just thought i would let you fine folks know about my experience on saturday night. i went to see the "sex and the city" movie at one of those large multiplexes where they were showing it in 18 theatres. i looked around and i happily concluded that nobody was stupid enough to have brought a child with them to see that particular flick. sadly i was mistaken. all of a sudden i turned around to see a four-year-old (i couldn't tell if the child was male or female and didn't care enough to make the determination). the people who were with the child (three women) kept feeding it candy and soda, causing it to burp loudly in my ear throughout the movie. it also started SCREAMING every time there was a sex scene, leading me to believe that said child was used to witnessing its mother being so defiled by one of its "daddies". apparently the mother did not see it fit to quiet her child or remove said child from the theatre. suckily it is impossible to do anything about this because as long as you have an adult guardian with you it doesn't matter how young you are-- you can ALWAYS go to such a movie. sigh.

I think a troll, the freetards are eating it up. Which comes to the conclusion.. that freetards are tards indeed.

eta: I fail at the stupid.. sorry
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