May 31st, 2008

shut me up

the best part of waking up, is flounces in my cuuuuup

lindseylee21 decided to put on the charm and make her formal debut at tattoo_ink last night with this endearing post, beginning with:

So I have a question. What is the purpose of this community? Is it to share photos of awesome tattoos or is it to answer retarded questions like "how much should this cost" and "how much will this hurt?" Because I just recently joined and am already SO TIRED of the same questions getting posted over and over and over.

It only gets classier from there. After most people are done telling her to ignore the question posts, get off her ass and contact a mod, or just GTFO, she decides it was all more along the lines of a social experiment and she really doesn't care. Really. Her flounce post shows how much she doesn't care, and the disabled comments are the icing on the cake. Too bad she left them open on her original post, hahaha.