May 24th, 2008

swole bunny man

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wtf_inc: You shouldn't smoke around your kids.  Do what you want to your own body, but don't force it on others around you, etc.

spencer_mato:   You're just brainwashed by bullshit studies and ads that talk about the "dangers" of second-hand smoke.  But I'm not brainwashed at all.   I started smoking because I got sick of anti-smoking ads.

akinkyprofile:  The health risks of smoking and second hand smoke are comparable to the risks associated with being raised in an industrialized nation.  I guess all the air pollution, and water pollution and shit in the food has made you stupid enough to believe that you're not killing yourself with every breath.   

akinkyprofile:  And besides, the odds of cigarettes killing us are far less than that of dying of heart failure and cancer and all these other things.  Smoking isn't even on the list!   (Oh and please ignore the fact that lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer for men and women and with the highest death rate among common cancers per 100,000 and that, according to slipstream_chan's textbooks, "most cases of lung cancer are preventable, because by far the greatest risk factor is cigarette smoking... all other risk factors which include exposure to smoke, radiation, and industrail chemicals such as asbestos, are relatively minor by comparison".  It's all in the genes, baby!)  

It's smoking wank and parenting wank, all rolled up into one anecdata and conspiracy-theory laden bundle!