May 19th, 2008



Somebody better call the waaahmbulance over in libertarianism. As a follow up to barkdust's post ragnarok20 A dyed in the wool LoLertarian(and a regular subject of posts here) has suggested censoring the free speech of others he finds personally offensive here. Several of the other members have already weighed in on the idiocy of the idea, myself included. rasilio, fair weather libertarian though he is, even doesn't think it's a very good idea. To review he still thinks some kids enjoy being molested, Fox news is unbiased, and being a software tester means he knows everything about computers. Eventually fishsupreme(the mod over there) steps in and points out A)it won't work B)it would be way to much work to even try to enforce and C)people were making fun of you because you say stupid shit.

Bottles to the ready. It's time for a Monday morning drinking game!

Edit:I failed to notice the post lock....
However membership to libertarianism is completely open and the community is a never ending source of Lulz.
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