May 15th, 2008

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sing the song of oppression, freetards!

here go the freetards again, except this time it's concerning a poll made up by Ms. I Don't Care (aka commanderd) entitled: Do parents get it better? (in the workplace, she means)

of course the poll indicates that everything is the parents' faults except for the thirty-one votes that either indicated that it's equal (27 votes) or that those without sproggen get it better (a measly four).

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and courtesy of nitouche, does CD realize that her ever-most favorite obsession is an evil, horrible DUHD?? forget the fact that Data didn't actually BREED Lal biologically....but he still called her daughter! (see the plot: end of paragraph three on the wiki link for the proof.)
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Breastfeeding is bunk! My mom breastfed me, and I'm dumb as a stump!

Plus I'm FAT! Take that, Studies!!

Not sure if anon communities are okay, but I didn't read anything against it, so here goes...

Over in anony-moms, someone posts a question about breastfeeding.

There is surprisingly little wank, until a fat, dumb, 16 year old weighs in.

It's little so far, but Stupid, and she seems to feel the need to respond to all comments with the tittle header "OP" so that we can track her stupidity.

P.S. She has pictures to prove that she's fat, stupid, AND breastfed, so there!

ETA: Courtesy of reanimated, more idiocy! smart kids are losers!
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