May 14th, 2008

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Because children ALWAYS turn out exactly as their parents intended, amirite parents of stupid_free?

So, chinadahll posts to baby_names asking for naming advice. Now that's all well and good, since that's what the community is there for. However, she insists that no one criticize her "unique names," because her future daughter WILL like it, and after all, she knows her future much better than you, since it's not like, y'know, the child hasn't even been born yet, making it's personality pretty hard to predict.

I'd like to believe this is a troll, but it sounds far too much like many overbearing mothers I know. Did you know that a conformist kid isn't worth raising? Because chinadahll knows this. She also knows that kids always come out as exactly the sort of person their parents raised them to be.

But I just can't hate her. Do you know why? Because she's a believer. She believes in something. In fact, she firmly believes in many somethings.

She firmly believes that nurture is stronger than nature.
She firmly believes that all children start as blank slates.
She firmly believes that her daughter will appreciate whatever unique name she is given.
Once again, she firmly believes in nurture rather than nature.
She firmly believes that her parenting methods are the best ones ever.
She firmly believes that we should try to be as nice to one another as possible.

Well, I firmly believe that repeating the same phrase over and over again really helps getting one's point across. So, shine on, chinadahll, you crazy diamond.

Edit: caps courtesy of _glamazon here

God Save the Queen!

Write-up courtesy of armchairshrink! (With permission!)

Backstory: mintogrubb is British and likes to tell us this frequently. He also likes to tell us what a nice guy he is, and he decries the use of insults on anti_feminism and makes numerous whiny posts about the mean, nasty atmosphere there, imploring us all to just get along. Meanwhile, he fights a lot with madra_liath, because minto frequently says things that are fucking stupid. In the course of the conversation, madra_liath tells mintogrubb to sit down before he hurts himself. I don't know if there was sitting-down-related childhood abuse in minto's past or what but it sets him the hell off.

When you have invaded my country, when you Mo'fo's have somehow organised a way to get your sorry arses onto enough ships and got all the way across the pond, when you have overcome the panic that sets in when you realise that the world far bigger than you realised, when you have fought your way off the beachhead and crushed all resistance, and are marching up the smoking ruins of Whitehall with the bands playing - *then* you can start giving your orders to me, woman.

Of course, as anyone with half a brain knows, madra is IRISH, so all hell breaks loose. Some choice bits:

Go go magic imperialism power!
"Now you tell me - how many years were you leaving bombs to go off on the streets of London before it dawned on you thick bastards that we were not going to be beaten on our own soil ? - and we still aren't!"

He doesn't want to see you get hurt. Seriously.

He's superior as a British man because he fought Hitler. With a ray gun, probably.

My personal favorite:
The Celts and Anglo-Saxons are not different races because they look alike, unlike you know, chinamen.

In short, never refer to his age or tell him to sit down, because he's Such an internet tough guy!