May 13th, 2008

Mr. T the Patriot

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Fuck you guys for having different opinions, you nazis

So, theladyortiger posts in thequestionclub asking, in a really long-winded way, "what's so wrong with incest anyway?" In the time it took me to write this post, she edited the original question out, so here is a copy/past of the original content of the post.

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Now, you don't have to be Miss Cleo to sense trouble coming when someone posts something about incest, but it gets better. First of all, I think it's worth noting that the OP appears to be pulling statistics out of her ass, and telling people to look it up when they ask for sources. theladyortiger also seems to enjoy inventing words and phrases to use in her arguments. This isn't the biggest stupid but some of them still cracked me up.

Has society grained it into your brain?
Transgenderdy totally should be a word.
I don't think that word means what you think it means.

The whole post is pretty lulz-worthy, but some of the choice stupids are the OP thinking that "it happened in ancient Greece and in the Bible" is totally a reason as to why incest is okay, and the OP's love of claiming racism, whether that means calling someone out on their "racist jibe" or pulling Godwin really fucking fast.

But I think the best parts of the post, hands-down, are when theladyortiger calls shinga "a Hitler of another color" and when she flounces in one of the most vulgar one-paragraph flounces I've ever seen.

Edit: Oh, damn. I checked right before I posted this, too, but it looks like someone already beat me to it. Well, feel free to scroll on by this post, s_f-ers.


Over in thequestionclub, theladyortiger seeks "honest, thought out answers" (which is stupid enough in itself to ask of TQC) to why incest is, like, ~soooo~ horrible!

Edit: She deleted the main body. But I still have the window open EVEN BETTER: I HAVE A SCREEN CAP. THANKS misfit.

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She wants to convince us all that it is perfectly fine, because:

1. Children of incestuous couples are ONLY 19% more likely to have birth defects, and it's not like that's a significant amount or anything.
3. Her source is totally reliable, not like Google or Wikipedia or anything!

No logic-less, knee jerk reactions here. Just common knowledge ftw.