May 5th, 2008

DVD & Sweats Day

It isn't stealing if you're entitled to it!

Another bad_service stupid, but a minor one this time...

bookworms and her brother go out to eat, and all is going well until the end of the meal. When the check came the agreement was bookworms was going to pay the bill, while her brother left the tip. Alright the bill was $35.xx, so she put two twenties in the book, and the server came to pick it up... and never came back with the change.

Well most of the mob says that yes it is stealing, and for that the OP should have demanded for her change back and not left a tip. For the most part everyone agrees, except for hazakaza who says if a person serves you, they are entitled to some sort of tip. And continues to argue that stiffing the server would be extreme because she was entitled to a tip. Also, apparently all servers only make $2/hour.
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It all started with a misplaced "h"...

dabas posts in everyone's favorite cesspool of macros and drama, wtf_inc.

The post is about a hair eating disorder, specifically. The original source has it spelled tricophagia, and nobody seems to care all that much. There's even an outcry of "OLD!" within the first few posts. Everything seems normal.

Er... at least, for the first 5 posts.

kandi_panties has this disorder, and she'd like everyone to know that she, and she alone, knows everything there is to know about it.

Really. Everything.

There's no use in even trying to argue otherwise.

Really, I was just fascinated by the giant hairball. Serious business can ruin any party. :(

Edit: xreddestinyx sums the whole thing up with what I think is win.

Edit 2: God damnit you spamming idiots. Now I gotta screen your dumbass comments instead of studying for Immunology. Posting personal info is just as infinitely more retarded than the wank itself, would you like a cookie?

Edit 3: Sorry I missed out on policing this thing. Spam my inbox if I missed anything. My first post evar turned into a flaming wad of fail. :'(