May 2nd, 2008

DVD & Sweats Day

I didn't want to her ruin her night, so I just let her celebrate alone

It seems we have an entitlement whore over in bad_service, who seems to have her priorities a little screwed up.

whiteladyeowyn's daughter is graduating high school, and won an award an an awards banquet the night before. To commemorate this momentous occasion, she decides to treat her daughter to dinner at her favorite restaurant, which is a local Hibachi style place.

She isn't intending on ordering anything from the hibachi, but wants to sit there anyway, and gets mad when the man "who appears to be a manager" behind the hosts stand says "Sorry. You cannot sit at the Hibachi table if you're not eating there."

She whines that she's done it before, but the manager still holds firm.

Ok, so it may just seem like a case of miscommunication, and just suck all around... until you get to the kicker;
My daughter still wished to eat there. I was mortified, but I did not want to completely ruin her night, so I gave her my bank card and let her go sit down. I sat in the parking lot and waited while she ate, alone. Yup, she decided to go sulk in the car, and leave her daughter to "celebrate" alone.

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A lot were to the sentiment of that she was selfish for making her daughter eat by herself.
thenodrin probably made the best post though specifying that There is so much here that the OP doesn’t specify, I really can’t tell what is going on and proceeds to list all of what is wrong with said entry.

There were some that agreed with the OP. Like sofoxygwen who exclaims Maybe you all missed the part where the restaurant would NOT ALLOW her to SIT DOWN. That's bad service. End of story. She did not go "pitch a fit" in the car, she had NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!. And amyheartssiroc who says Maybe everyone else here has money to throw away on ordering a meal that won't be eaten and feels comfortable with wasting food, but I certainly don't.

I personally agree with 0bazooka0 Just eat the damn food, it won't kill you. You won't like it but it won't kill you. I've had to sit through plenty of gross meals because the people I care about like it. I don't bitch about it though.

EDIT: Damn, how I wish we could get the daughter's side!