May 1st, 2008


But Itz Starz U Guise

Unfortunately, I missed the original post, which was no doubt deleted for being completely off-topic, but the follow-up is a great little slice of Butthurt.

What I gather putting the pieces together is that violetarojo made a post about a "star dying" (= the death of some not so well-known celebrity who evidently had nothing to do with the topic of the community?) to astronomy, with no explanation as to who the person was or why anyone should care. The community evidently cries "Off-Topic," "Troll," and "WUT," so she makes with the delicious metabutthurt.

[EDIT: It would appear to have been announcement of the death of one Cyndi Chaotika (WUT is right), as seen in this presumably identical post.]


pink hair!

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Anyone remember aegion? If not, you can check out his Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

Well, he's back ... apparently the snark community stupid_ljsecret doesn't count as a drama farm or whatever (apparently, we're actually critiquing art). Anyway, I posted an LJ secret which may or may not have been sufficiently stupid, depending on your thoughts about vaginal attractiveness. Well, argueing about vaginas is funny enough, but the real lulz start when it is revealed that aegion is in a community called handbag_fetish. Why?

To pick up girls with his L337 handbag knowledge.

Don't laugh guys, this shit apparently works really well. He's actually had conversations with "hot snobbish girls" as he calls them, and - AND! check this out:
" I've been hesitant to bring it up because I know you'll accuse me of bragging, but occasionally I will get a phone number and one girl even asked me out on a date to the mall with her. We became friends and we talk on the phone at least once a week."

Also he says you guys don't use soap.

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Don't worry kids, if it's porn, it's not fanfiction.

Call this grudgewank, but it's stupid enough to hurt my wee little brain:

miraclejones decides it would be a good idea to make a post in fictionwriters (a community with a strict "No Fanfiction" rule) about a "Historic Slash Fiction Contest". Basically you write porn about someone else's characters. This month's topic is a crossover involving characters from the Beatrix Potter stories and Narnia.
When someone points out the fact that writing with characters from other stories = fanfiction, she has this to say:

If Aslan fucking Mr. MacGregor is fanfic, then so be it. Is there such a thing as antifanfic? We are trying to destroy the worship of precious things.

It's slash fiction, folks. Porno. Write porno. You will have a good time writing two thousand word porn stories about C.S. Lewis and Beatrix Potter characters. And the winner gets to see sexy New Yorkers act out their fantasies.

I think she's missing the point.

Doubly stupid is the fact that this magazine or whatever it is is going to Publish porno fanfic, which, you know, is only slightly illegal seeing as how it's copyright infringement.
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