April 30th, 2008

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Well, since it's quiet...

secrets_n_lies writes in the corsetry community to try to stir up some language barrier lulz. However, some people are offended by her own use of the English language -- and others, about her ideas of what it means to be gay. Apparently, gay = bisexual. I guess I missed the boat. There's a little bit of stupid in every flavour here, though, so have fun.

Oh, and after a little bit of righteous flame warrery, we have a good ol' flounce. An old classic, but a good one. lulz in the comments to come? Only time can tell. Apparently not, as the post has been closed to comments. No drama llamas to herd into that one, I suppose!

Edited for HTML fail. Your guidance is weak, Semagic.

Those whacky Right Wingers, never cease to amaze me...

conservatism actually had (for once) an engaging question: obstinate_lib pointed out that Senator McCain is opposed to increasing the GI benefits to allow returning vetrans to go to school full time. obstinate_lib points out the obvious irony of the fact both Senators Obama and Clinton are FOR increasing the GI Bill benefits, which obviously screws up any Republican elections plans this fall on showing how bad Democratic candidates are for "supporting the troops," and security matters.

LOLz commence almost immediately when notmrgarrison asks if obstinate_lib believes his own "spin," and then pretty much reguritates the Pentagon objection to an increase of GI benefits, citing the fact that the Democratic bill entices people to leave the military leave a war that Senator McCain would like to see last, oh 100 years. but I just had to point out how inconsisent the Pentagon is, because they whined about a general pay increase proposal by the (Democratic) Congress was not needed, and President Bush was threatening a veto on the pay raise, citing the deficit as the reason. LOLz.

The REAL LOLz start with
melvin_udall's question if someone is an idiot or a liar.

That rascally rabid conservative nemomori asks with a completely straight face maybe we should think long and hard before giving our troops some extra benefits, but of course the irony of the cost of the Iraq War both in blood and money is lost on him I suppose. But that doesn't mean 404 can't miss an opportunity to blame it all on Hillary Clinton for the Iraq war.
Pierre et Giles

It's the fail that keeps on failing

 captainfsu  makes a reasonably common mistake and posts a technical question in techsupport , which I'm sure you all know by now is a community for people in tech support to moan about their idiot clients, not a community for people to ask technical questions.

When his stupidity is pointed out to him, he doesn't take it kindly. What's more, he decides the best way to show his superior intellect is to post another (completely irrelevant) query!

To top it all by what I can only call a reverse flounce! Yes, stupid_free , he's gonna have some fun times!

And look who decided to join in!

It's like a smorgasboard of fail right there. And with that and all the talk about pizza I am now going to have lunch.

EDIT: For those of you who joined us late: the original stupid was deleted, hence all the links are to screencaps.
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