April 25th, 2008

  • tgies

theysaid hid the facts

eamontoplease is melting down over on theysaid. Story goes something like this: eamontoplease posts some stuff, it gets deleted, eamontoplease posts a drama-powderkeg post (in clear violation of community rules) indicting the moderators. One of the moderators responds, saying that that shouldn't have happened and she didn't delete it (maybe the other moderator did?), but eamontoplease sees right through this and accuses HER of having deleted it, concluding that she is a "mendacious censorship junkie". OMG CENSORSHIP. eamontoplease is now gradually melting down in the comments, having reached the "post nonsense replies and repeat people's comments back at them" stage in record time. Get it while it's hot.

edit: If someone else wants to be on screencap duty, I'd much appreciate that. Computer is being totally uncool, and this mess is going to be gone in the blink of an eye any second now.

EDIT: Deleted! Here's the newest screencap I have -- anyone have a newer one? I also have a saved copy of the page from something like eight hours ago that I could upload, maybe.