April 22nd, 2008


archangel_7 tries to wrest the crown of stupid for right wingers....

In a busy news week-- people dying of hunger around the world, rising food costs are the source of riots in many cities, gasoline prices hit new records in the United States, horrible economic news, a very tight primary in Penn with Hillary and Obama, the Pope visiting the United States? So what does archangel_7 post about in conservatism?

Why "Little liberal Threatens to Assasinate (sic) President.". Not to be mean or anything, archangel_7's whines a lot about minorities in the US that get into the "victimhood" mindset, yet plays the victim role quite nicely himself, blaming politicsforum deletion of his post on "political correctness" and their being pretty stupid (plenty of LOLz).

Of course, a post about a urban kid blabbing on you tube causes heirtoruin to wax deep thoughts, with that font of wisdom mumbalo_jack chiming in. heirtoruin suggests that only lefties makes death threats on Youtube.

There are so many LOLz moments to pick from, it's like watching a train wreck. It's interesting that in a forum like conservatism that most of the recent posts are about the most arcane and trival (and what they perceive as negative) things concerning Obama, and never anything positive about their own candidate Senator McCain.