April 21st, 2008


NSFW stupid

Barely legal Harry Potter star Emma Watson has just turned 18. Paparazzi being the breed of nasty that they are, made it their mission to get a crotch shot using everything from crouching beneath her and telephoto lens.

The pics are posted in ONTD and, predictably, we have pubes wank, followed by some victim blaming, and nodisrespect declaring that its her fault for wearing sheer underwear.She then goes off on a rant about women allowing themselves to be 'exploited and raped and objectified.'

A question for the legally-inclined--why is it okay for paparazzi to bend down and purposely take crotch shots of celebrities? If someone were known to have done that to an average person wouldn't they be in some sort of trouble with the law?

Edit: I should mention that the pic in question appears photoshopped, at least to me. There's a...um, curious flap of skin. Also! Meta already! Score.

Edit deux: LOL . The stupid joins the party and thinks we're laughing with them.