April 16th, 2008


5th Birthdays are Serious Fraking Business

Oh, good old booju_newju. Where else could we find over 170 comments about whether it's okay to have a small birthday party for your kid

It starts out innocent enough. velvetpage is worried that she's upset the parent of one of her kid's classmates by not inviting said classmate to a 10-person party and asks for advice. The clouds begin to roll in when chrispina declares that If you can't invite the entire class, you can't invite ANY classmates . Didn't we know that it hurts kids' feelings to be excluded, and that's NEVER EVER okay?

Then it takes a real turn for the crazy when Chrispina decides that It is a Moral Question whether you have a large or small party, and having a huge party even when your kid doesn't want one is the Right Thing to Do.

There's various wank sprinkled all through the comments, and it just made my yesterday. Appologies for slight grudge, but I think out of all the comments, I'm in few enough that I can get away with this post.