April 13th, 2008

As if!

Small but fun little stupid

wildebeth has a question for weddingplans about using FTD bouquets as a bridal bouquet. Innocuous question, yes?

Along comes everyone's favorite anorexic-no-longer-child-free Indian Princess, to explain that she's "paying for the name"...with her 56.00 bouquet of roses.

Thanks for being both helpful and non-judgmental. Guess we figured out her Indian name is Talks Like A Bitch.
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ONTD stupid...or is that redundant?

Over at that eternal fount of stupid, ONTD, mattchew03 posts about Bill Maher making some super dumb comments on his show about the girl who was kidnapped and beaten into unconsciousness by a group of cheerleaders down in Florida. Obviously, there is stupid in the comments (though a lot more smart than I expected from ONTD). Biggest stupid? evett doesn't get what the big deal is. There's other stupid sprinkled throughout the rest of the comments as well.
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Hai BB

A little grudgy, but it's a double whammy!

Twice in one day? Who would have guessed we'd be so lucky?

Over in weddingplans (yet again), aria_star informs us that she doesn't think there are any private beaches in the US. When she is informed otherwise, she breaks out her real estate knowledge and informs a legal board, just to make sure sure she's right.

FAIL, IT'S LOCKED. SORRY. It's now over here in sf_drama for your further amusement.
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